Submitting articles To

This information is for anyone planning to submit articles to our blog.
All articles must be submited as .md(markdown).

All articles/images must be sent to

You must follow these formating conditions for your article:

The first line must be an H1 header and the second line must be the date in this format:


you must stick strictly to this format to save us time of having to reformat it for you.

Any images that come with the article must be submitted in the following format with a random number at the start and the date in the middle and your author name at the end:


when inserting images into your post they will be epected in a specific folder:


Finally you need to say who you are at the bottom as follows:

_author: yakamo_

Example article

# Article title

This is where the main body of text is expected and images and so on.

_author: yakamo_